Wondering how to find the best diamond ring for your future fiance? Here are 10 most important tips to keep in mind when buying diamond engagement rings!

Planning to buy a beautiful diamond engagement ring? Follow these 10 tips to make a smart purchase:

1. Know the 4Cs – You need to learn all about diamond’s cut, color, clarity, and carat weight or the 4Cs. The 4Cs is a global standard for determining the quality of the diamonds and help you compare one diamond to another. Understanding the 4Cs is definitely worth the time as this is a universal language to identify diamond quality.
2. Know the difference between diamond cut quality, diamond cutting styles, and diamond shapes – Shape describes the outline of the diamond (the most popular shape is round). Cutting style refers to how facets are organized or arranged. The most popular facet arrangement for round shaped diamonds is the standard brilliant cutting style (with 57/58 facets). Cut quality refers to how diamond’s facets interact with light.
3. Choose a metal for the brand – Platinum and white gold have been popular for quite some time now and both make a modern and sleek look. They are great choices for diamonds graded in the D-J on the GIA color scale as they perfectly highlight the colorlessness of the diamond.
4. Choose a setting – There are three types of settings – prong, bezel, and halo.
5. Get the most sparkle and size – In order to make sure your round brilliant diamond sparkles, is to choose one that has a GIA cut grade of Very Good or Excellent.
6. Choose a ring that suits her style – A diamond engagement ring is intended to be worn all day, every day. Put your own taste aside and discover what style your future fiance prefers.
7. Know her ring size – Borrow a ring she wears and press the ring into a bar of soap or trace an inner circle on a paper. The jeweler can use the measurements to determine the ring size.
8. Decide how much you want to spend – Spend as much as you think it is appropriate.
9. Chose a jewelry store – Brilliant Earth is one of the best diamond jewelry stores that can offer you a nice selection of diamond engagement rings (lab created diamonds) that are eco-friendly and conflict-free.
10. Get a diamond grading report – When purchasing the ring, insist on getting a diamond grading report.

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