Buying diamond engagement rings should be a smart investment! Read this article and discover how to get the best deal!

According to one research, around 39% of the weddings start with a proposal between the winter holidays – Thanksgiving and Christmas and Valentine’s Day and the truth is that everyone wants to find the perfect ring to pop the question.
Being one of the most expensive purchases in your life, it is a smart idea to plan everything ahead and know exactly how the process goes. By doing so, you will make your wallet and your future fiance happy!

● Plan your purchase – You need to start with determining a budget. You need to figure out your future bride-to-be taste, you need to save before you decide to buy, consider your job and your lifestyle, consider other options than diamonds (vintage rings, sapphire rings, and etc.)
● Talk finances – Before you go out and buy the ring, it is important to talk about finances with your loved one. You shouldn’t mention the ring but talk financed in general. You need to determine whether or not you have similar finances goals.
● Understanding the buying process – Don’t enter a jewelry store or shop online for diamond engagement rings if you are not prepared. Once you are properly educated armed with information, you can visit the stores. Brilliant Earth is one of the top recommended fine jewelry stores when it comes to diamond engagement rings, women diamond wedding rings, mens diamond wedding rings, vintage rings, wedding bands, and etc. You can visit their online store and check out their beautiful collection of diamond rings they sell. Their diamonds are conflict-free.
● How to buy the diamond – After checking out the collection of diamond engagement rings at Brilliant Earth or at some another store, you can go ahead and choose the diamond you like the most. If you are not sure which diamond suits your style, you can consult with professional jewelers and they will help you find the perfect ring for you and your future fiance. Brilliant Earth has showrooms in different locations (San Francisco, Los Angeles, San Diego, Denver, Chicago, Washington DC, and Boston) and you can schedule an appointment with a jewelry specialist.

By using these helpful tips, you will be on your way to buying the perfect diamond engagement ring for you and your future fiance!